Will Lupus Nephritis Cause Hematuria

Will Lupus Nephritis Cause HematuriaHematuria, also known as blood in urine, is a common symptom of kidney disease. Will lupus nephritis cause hematuria?

According to the latest study, lupus occurs in up to 60% people with SLE, which is an autoimmune disorder that affect nearly any organs of the body.

Causes of hematuria in lupus nephritis

Experts at our center point out that occurrence of hematuria is mainly caused by damage to the filtering units(glomeruli). In lupus, the immune system fail to tell the differences between foreign invaders and healthy tissues. Gradually, inflammatory response will occur within the glomeruli. As a result, large amount of red blood cells pass through glomeruli and finally end up in urine.

There are two types of hematuria, both gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. The former one can be seen with naked eyes, the latter one can be detected with special tests or with the help of a microscope.

How to treat hematuria in lupus nephritis?

In general, corticosteroid therapy or immunosuppressive agents, etc can be used to control the condition and alleviate the symptoms, however, the underlying cause still exists and blood in urine can relapse easily.

From the above analysis, we should come to a conclusion that the core of treatment should focus on repairing the impairment of glomeruli and enhancing renal function.

Here, immunotherapy is highly recommended. As it can help treat the disorder radically, in this way, symptoms including hematuria can be alleviated completely. For more information, you can directly email to:kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

Besides, a scientific diet is also significant for people plagued by this disorder. Have an interest? Please click here Foods to Eat and avoid with Lupus Nephritis.

If you have been diagnosed with lupus and hematuria, do not hesitate to seek treatments as early as possible. Any doubts, you can inform us by leaving us message below.


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