Can Lupus Nephritis Cause Fatigue

Can Lupus Nephritis Cause Fatigue For patients with Lupus Nephritis, they may have such a doubt: Will I experience fatigue? If so, what can I do? Read on and you can find a satisfied answer.

After clinical research, experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital concluded the following causes:

Anemia. Study shows that when there are shortage of red blood cells, iron deficiency, patients are more likely to experience fatigue.

Low immunity. For patients with this disease, their immune system fail to fight against some antigens. As a result, they will feel tired.

Build up of toxins in the blood. Among those sufferers, their kidneys fail to work normally. Therefore, extra waste products will build up in the body. And these substances will affect other organs and tissues, thus resulting in fatigue.

Even if fatigue can not be life-threatening, it indeed affect their life quality to a large extent. Then, are there some effective treatments?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Compared with other treatments, it is used externally. During the treatment, sufferers just need to lie in bed comfortably. By promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and providing active substances for the damaged kidneys, this symptom will be relieved to a large degree. More importantly, it can help repair kidney function.

In addition, as the herbs are all come from nature, so there is no need to worry about its side effects. If you are interested in it, you can email and we will provide you an individualized herbal list as soon as possible.

Except for the above treatment, a proper diet can also be helpful. And they can eat some iron-rich foods. If you are not clear about this, feel free to consult with our online doctor.

The above contents are mainly on fatigue in lupus nephritis patients. If you still have any follow-up questions, please leave us message below. Best wishes!

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