Can I Eat Sardines with Lupus Nephritis

Can I Eat Sardines with Lupus NephritisFor patients with lupus nephritis, a balanced diet can help delay it’s progression largely, while, eating wrongly may cause damage to the kidneys and bring patients lots of inconvenience. Well, can people with lupus nephritis eat sardines?

Due to it’s delicious taste, sardines are enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Besides, they can also provide lots of benefits to patients’ health.

According to the statistics, 100g sardines contain calcium 184 mg, fat 1.1 g, protein 19.8 g, cholesterol 158 mg, etc.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Sardines are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. And these acids can help lower the cholesterol level and reduce blood pressure. In this way, the risk of presenting cardiovascular disease as well as irregular heartbeat can be lowered in lupus nephritis.

Keep bone healthy

Sardines are loaded in vitamin D, which promotes the body to absorb calcium from the foods we eat. Meanwhile, they are also rich in phosphorus, a mineral that strengthens bones. In such a way, patients are less likely to experience bone diseases, such as, fractures and osteoporosis.

Besides, the omega-3 fatty acids in sardines can also help reduce inflammation and slow down the progression of lupus effectively.

The above are major benefits of sardines for patients with lupus nephritis. But remember the ingestion should not be that much. Wanna personal advice? Our free online service is here for you.

Even if they are so beneficial, the functions are still limited. At Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, experts recommend patients to follow a scientific diet Lupus Nephritis: Foods to Eat and avoid. Meanwhile, take effective treatments


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