Top Four Frequently Asked Questions about Lupus Nephritis and Pregnancy

Top Four Frequently Asked Questions about Lupus Nephritis and PregnancyFor women with Lupus Nephritis, they are usually confused by such a question: Can I have a successful pregnancy? Here, we will talk about four frequently asked questions concerning this issue:

Can I have a successful pregnancy?

Honestly speaking, women with lupus nephritis can have a successful pregnancy. To increase the success ratio, it is essential to seek for doctor’s help as early as possible.

When is the appropriate time to get pregnant?

The right time to conceive is when the illness condition is fully under control. Remember that the better the physical condition, the higher the chances of becoming pregnant.

When is the inappropriate time to bear a baby?

As a secondary disorder of systemic autoimmune disorder, it can not only affect kidney function but also interfere with other organs.

During the course, a series of symptoms will occur. Such as, fatigue, hair loss, joint pain, swelling, high blood pressure, chest pain, shortness of breath and so on.

If you are presenting the above-mentioned symptoms, you should seek for medical help as early as possible. Otherwise, they will increase the burden of kidneys and affect their health.

Are there some effective treatments?

To alleviate the symptoms and restore kidney function, effective treatment and changes of lifestyle can be both helpful.

At our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, hot compress therapy can be a good choice. On the one hand, it can help relive the symptoms, on the other hand, it can help repair the impaired cells and restore kidney function. What’s more, it will not bring side effects to the human body. For detailed info, you are welcomed to click the Live Contact directly.

As for the latter one, they should obey a scientific diet firstly, such as, moderate high-quality protein foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-salt diet, etc. Besides, they are also recommended to keep a positive attitude, take some moderate exercises, such as walking. Meanwhile, stay away from drinking and smoking.

If you plan to get pregnant with lupus nephritis, we sincerely hope you can benefit a lot. Anything unclear, please email Best wishes!

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