Stem Cell Therapy: A Ray of Hope for the Diabetes

diabetes stem cell therapyDiabetes has become a worldwide health problem especially in America and Mid-east countries. The severity of the disease replies on not only the disease itself, but also the complications. No effective treatment treats Diabetes, but now, Stem Cell Therapy can do the job.

The current treatments for Diabetes

A plenty of treatments focus on dealing with Diabetes Mellitus, they are:

To supplement insulin

Reduce the production of glucose

Those approaches focus on stimulating the human body to produce more insulin and promote the sensitivity. However, the therapeutic effects don’t occur just as the expectation.

How stem cells treat Diabetes?

Due to the pathogenesis of the disease, we found that Diabetes Mellitus is caused by the diminished function of βcells resulting in relative or absolute lack of insulin secretion. By injecting stem cells into the patient’s body, they could increaseβcell numbers. Meanwhile, those cells can save and regain the pancreas islet maximum.

Compared with conventional treatments for Diabetes, diet and exercise as well as various drugs are used to fight against the disease and its intractable complications. As I just mentioned before, those approaches didn’t work well and most of the patients missed their best time for their treatments. While Stem Cell Therapy is totally different from those approaches, it could not only stop the recession ofβcells, but also increase their numbers. More importantly, stem cells are characterized by their differentiation and self-renew, providing the optimal seed cells for diabetes patients.

At the beginning of using Stem Cell Therapy, many of the patients have already stopped their medications, while others are reducing the dose. What’s more, after injecting stem cells, their immunity and physical condition are greatly improved.

Stem Cell Therapy is still the topnotch technology all around the world. Although many countries still ban the application and research, but China has put the therapy into use and have received significant improvements. Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital is one of them. If you do interested in the latest approach, consulting our doctor on line for detailed information is warmly welcomed.


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