How to reduce high creatinine 11

Creatinine is the production of our muscles and it can indicates kidney function. For a long term, high creatinine probably means that your kidney has been damaged in some extent. Then how to reduce high creatinine 11? Perhaps this article can help you.

The normal creatinine level is between 06.-1.2. Although creatinine is the reflection of kidney function, not so accurate. Creatinine will not raise until half of kidney function gets lost. While creatinine 11 has exceeded the average a lot.,It means that the patient’s kidney has been seriously injured. They have come into kidney failure stage 5 and most of the kidney function has lost. High creatinine will lead to various symptoms and complications. In order to prolong lifespan, they can only do dialysis or kidney transplant.

But not everyone is suitable to dialysis or kidney transplant. dialysis can only lower the high creatinine 11 temporarily, and it can not treat the kidney disease at all. In addition, one who wants to do kidney transplant will take a long time before finding a proper kidney and needs much money paying for the operation.

Recently, blood perfusion, hemofiltration and immune adsorption are widely used in cleansing the polluted blood. These therapies can make up the shortages of dialysis. Not only small molecule toxins, but also middle molecule toxins and big molecule toxins can be discharged. In addition, the immune adsorption is good at discharging immune complex. Above these therapies can provide a cleaning environment for kidney self-healing.

Afterwards, use Micro-Chinese medicine therapy treating the kidney disease. This is a development of traditional Chinese medicine which used external. Patients just need to lie in the bed and take this treatment. Two bags are put under the lower back of patients. With the help of osmosis device, the active materials of medicine will be directly taken to kidney and then play a series of function to repair kidney damage and recover renal function.

Only by treating the kidney can we lower the high creatinine from root. Now I think you have a general idea about these developed treatments. And if you want more information about how to reduce high creatinine 11, please leave a message below or contact the online doctor. We will reply you within 24 hours.


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