Creatinine 7.8:how to reduce them without dialysis

Perhaps for healthy people creatinine is not a familiar word, but people who are suffering from kidney disease must be sensitive with creatinine. as it is the indicator of our kidney function.exceeded creatinine level means kidney damages. This article is mainly talking about how to reduce creatinine 7.8 without dialysis. If you have similar problems, please consult with the online doctor directly, we are always here waiting for helping you.

Is Creatinine 7.8 serious?

Creatinine is the indicator of kidney function, but not very accurate. Generally speaking, average creatinine level is between 0.6-1.2,however creatinine will not go up until more than half of the kidney function gets lost. compared with Normal level,Creatinine 7.8 exceeds a lot. So it means your kidney has injuried seriously. And Your disease has come into renal failure, various of symptoms and complication may appear, for example swallow, high blood pressure, high sodium , high uric acid, proteinuria, blood urine, Breathing system ,digestive system disease and so on.

So, how to reduce creatinine 7.8 without dialysis?

Recently Blood purification therapy is widely used in patients whose creatinine is higher than normal. First remove the waste and toxin in the blood, thus providing a cleaning environment for the patients. Then according to blood ingredient and clotting mechanism, provide valuable element for the body. Which can provide a cleaning environment for the treatment.

And then use micro-chinese medicine osmotherapy treat the kidney disease. Which not only lower creatinine 7.8, but also recover the damaged kidney and improve kidney function from root. This is based on traditional Chinese medicine and used external. Patient just need lie in the bed and enjoy the treatment . with the Penetration instrument’s help, active ingredients can get into the kidney directly. compared with dialysis, has less side effects.

If you are Creatinine 7.8 and and want to reduce it without dialysis, please contact the online doctor or leave a mssage below, we will give you a reply within 24hours.


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