Can Diet Pills Cause Kidney Disease

Can Diet Pills Cause Kidney DiseaseIt’s known to us that losing weight has became popular, some girls even eat diet pills in order to keep slim, however the drug can cause many side effects, so, can diet pills cause kidney disease?

The diet drugs may cause kidney damage and other complications, it is reported by the National Institutes of Health. And why does it lead to kidney disease?

Banned substances

Ephedra is the main chemical constituent of the diet pills, this matters’ purpose is to increase the metabolism rate, promote the oxygen consumption of the body, it can accelerate the body to burn more calorie. It’s reported, if people use diet pills for long times, ephedra can lead to kidney stones, it has became a banned matters in America.

We all know kidney is an important organ, if kidney is damaged, some related disease may occur and cause great pain to people. So, the diet drugs can cause renal disease, and people should better take correct methods to lose weight.


Most diet drugs contain furosemide, which is used to increase the urine output, such compulsive way is harmful to kidneys, because it disorganize the kidneys’ normal operation, cause water deprivation, increase the risk of formating thrombus.

Other harmful ingredients

The other elements of the diet pills can inhibit the appetite, so the body may reduce some nutrient substances’ intake, such as fat, protein, vitamin, sugar, etc. And these materials are beneficial and necessary to body, if people are shortage of these, finally, they may appear anemia, hypotension, gastrointestinal disorders, or even kidney failure.

Related experts remind, taking some diet pills may cause temporary or permanent damage to kidneys, besides, excessive dieting may also influence blood lipid and hormone levels and cause some diseases.

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