Life Expectancy of Patients with 5% Kidney Function

Life Expectancy of Patients with 5% Kidney FunctionA person with 5% renal function means end stage renal failure. Then, what is the life expectancy with 5% renal function?

Generally speaking, the kidneys can produce urine, regulate blood pressure, maintain the balance of fluid. However, once kidneys are damaged, especially for a person with 5% renal function, the life expectancy is very short, may be 3-5 years, may be shorter.

Normally, the life expectancy is decided by patients’ own illness condition. If your families or you happen to be a patient with 5% renal function. You can send the test report to, after careful analysis, we will give you a clear answer.

However, if patients with 5% kidney function take effective steps to control the disease, it is possible to prolong life and improve the quality of life. So, how to improve the renal function?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It combines traditional Chinese medicine and modern western technology and equipment and can improve renal function effectively.

First, the Chinese medicine will be micronized so that the active ingredient can be absorbed fully by the body. Then, two bags contained shattered medicine are placed on patients’ back. Last, with the help of permeating agent and osmosis device, the effective medicine can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly.

What’s more, by dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation and preventing the formation of thrombus, renal function can be improved from the root. Once kidney function is improved, patients with 5% kidney function may be able to live long as well as normal people.

Reduce the burden of kidneys

Patients with 5% kidney function should keep a diet of low-fat, low-protein, and low-salt, which can decrease the burden of failed kidneys, help to delay the progression of renal damage. In addition, patients should also quit smoking and drinking, get rid of coffee, chocolate, tea and so on, which is helpful to protect kidneys.

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