Top 6 Factors that May Cause Malnutrition in Kidney Disease

Top 6 Factors that May Cause Malnutrition in Kidney DiseaseAccording to the report, people with kidney disease may suffer from malnutrition. If you or your beloved one happen to encounter such a problem, please follow me to find the answer.

Firstly, we need to figure out what nutrients are. Simply speaking, they mainly include protein, vitamin, glucose and these substances can provide enough energy to the human body.

Fortunately, experienced nephrologists at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital have concluded the following possible causes:

1. Toxins In normal case, healthy kidneys are responsible for the removal of metabolic products, toxins, excess fluid and so on. However, due to loss of kidney function, the impaired kidneys will fail to work adequately. In this way, the nutrients can not be absorbed easily.

2. Endocrine disorder This abnormal sign can affect the synthesis and metabolism of protein and glucose to a certain degree.

3. Inflammatory response In certain autoimmune disorders, such as, lupus nephritis, IgA nephropathy, the inflammatory factors within the kidneys can influence the synthesis of protein and lead to malnutrition.

4. Acidosis It refers to the accumulation of acid materials in the bloodstream or tissues. And it is reported that this sign may refrain the synthesis of albumin and promote the decomposition of proteins and amino acids.

5. Dialysis There are mainly two types of dialysis, namely, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. And various studies show signs of malnutrition in 23-76% of HD patients and 18-50% of PD patients. And it is said that hemodialysis can discharge 10-13g amino acids each time.

6. Decreased nutrient intake For people with kidney disease, they are usually suggested to follow a strict diet. And the decrease intake of protein and calories are the most obvious factors.

If you are suffering from kidney disease with malnutrition, do remember that it is essential to figure out the underlying cause. Anything unclear, please email or chat with out Online Doctor immediately. Best regards!

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