Can I Eat Strawberry with Kidney Disease

Due to it’s delicious taste, strawberry is enjoyed by most people. Well, can people with kidney disease eat strawberry? Is it beneficial?

According to scientific measurement, there are 8-9g sugar, 0.4-0.6g protein, 50-100mg Vitamin C per 100 grams strawberry, which is 7-10 times to apple and grape, what’s more, the nutrients within Can I Eat Strawberry with Kidney Disease the fruit can be absorbed and digested easily. After careful research, nephrologists at our center concluded the major benefits of strawberry as follows:

Anti-cancer effects Strawberry is rich in tannic acid, and this substance can help prevent the absorption of cancer-causing chemicals.

Lower blood lipid level According to the modern medicine, the cellulose, pectin and mineral within this fruit can help prevent arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease. In addition, it can help lower high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, which can be common symptoms for people with kidney disease.

Even so, not all patients with people with kidney disease can eat strawberry casually. It also contains high quantity of manganese, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. People should be cautious, as the oxalates can crystallize in certain cases. For personalized advice, you can firstly email the test and then we will reply you within 2 business days.

Except for strawberry, other fruits can also be helpful. Then let’s take apple for example.

As the old saying goes:”An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” it is abundant in fiber and help reduce cholesterol level, fight against heart disease and reduce inflammatory response.

If you are suffering from kidney disease, it is essential to seek for kidney-friendly diet as early as possible. Anything unclear about strawberry and kidney disease, you are welcomed to click the Live Contact or leave us message below. Best regards!


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