Kidney Disease: What does Creatinine 2.5 Mean

Kidney Disease: What does Creatinine 2.5 MeanAbout several days ago, a patient with kidney disease told us that his creatinine level is 2.5. Well, is this a normal sign? If not, what can suffers do to lower it? Today, we will talk about this issue in detail:

Creatinine(mainly serum creatinine) is a major index to measure kidney function. Generally, it can be kept at a normal range under the function of healthy kidneys. And the reasonable figure is 0.5-1.1mg/dL for women and 0.6-1.2mg/dL for men.

Causes of elevated creatinine level

To be honest, elevated creatinine level can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as, excessive intake of meat, strenuous physical activities, impaired kidney function and so on.

Is creatinine 2.5 a normal sign?

From the above analysis, we can get such a conclusion: creatinine 2.5 is higher than the normal range and it indicates at least 50% kidney function has been damaged. Without effective control, it will continue to rise, when the value increases to 5, dialysis or a kidney transplant may be recommended.

How to lower creatinine 2.5 with kidney disease?

1. Well control of blood sugar and blood pressure. This treatment goal can be achieved by certain medications and healthy lifestyle.

2. Restore kidney function. Here, hot compress therapy is highly recommended. It’s a combination of TCM and modern technology, but applied externally. Once renal function is restored, creatinine 2.5 will be lowered eventually. For detailed info, Email us:

3. Scientific diet. In general, the diet plan can be low-protein diet, low-salt diet, balance of potassium and phosphorus, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. But remember, the dietary principle should be in accordance with the specific illness condition. If you eager to know this, please click the Live Contact directly.

If you are suffering from kidney disease and creatinine 2.5, remember that it is necessary to seek for prompt treatment. Anything unclear, please leave us a message below.


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