How to Fight Fatigue with Kidney Disease

How to Fight Fatigue with Kidney DiseaseFatigue is a very common symptom among people with kidney disease. As the disorder progresses, this symptom will become more and more serious. Therefore, how to fight fatigue has become their major task.

Why kidney disease cause fatigue?

In normal condition, kidneys can help secrete a hormone named erythropoietin, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells. In people with kidney disorders, the damaged kidneys will fail to function normally, gradually, there will be less red blood cells, resulting anemia. And this is the major reason why people with kidney disease feel tired.

Anther reason of fatigue can the shortage of iron or other nutritions. On the one hand, toxins and wastes accumulated in the body will destroy the internal environment. On the other hand, a strictly limited diet may lead to malnutrition. And the above mentioned factors will lead to tiredness.

How to fight  fatigue with kidney disease?

Have a good rest and avoid strenuous exercises can help relieve fatigue to some extent, unfortunately, the root causes are still existed.

1. Medications that are abundant in iron can help alleviate anemia to a certain degree. However, long-term use of this drugs may lead to some adverse effects, such as, chest pain, headache and so on.

2. A proper diet can not only provide adequate nutritions, but also reduce the workload of damaged kidneys. However, the specific diet should be in accordance with the illness condition. For personalized tips, please email us your diagnostic and we are glad to help.

3. Blood-purification technique and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. By discharging the wastes and toxins, dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and providing active substances for the damaged kidneys, they can help repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function fundamentally, therefore, sufficient erythropoietin will be produced and patients can feel more energetic.

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