Kidney Disease and Frequent Urination at Night

Kidney Disease and Frequent Urination at NightFor people with kidney disease, some of them may be troubled by frequent urination at night. As this sign can affect patients’ sleep quality largely, it is necessary to know about the causes.

Generally speaking, the frequency of urination at night can be 0 to 2 times, and the urine volume is 300-400 ml, which accounts for one fourth to one third of the total urine volume in a day. After dinner, due to less intake of water, low metabolic rate, slow blood flow, the initial urine that passes through the renal tubules can be fully absorbed, so the urine volume at night is significantly lower than that during the daytime.

However, with age, the ratio of urine output at daytime and urine output at night will reduce gradually, and it can drop to 1:1 at the age of 60. At our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, nephrologists have summarized the following risk factors:

Declined renal function Due to drop in kidney function, especially damage to the renal tubules, the impaired kidneys can not excrete the extra metabolic products and toxins during the daytime. At night, the kidneys have to continue to work. And this is the main cause of frequent urination at night.

Cardiac insufficiency People with cardiac insufficiency may experience increased urine output due to increased blood flow after lying in bed.

Besides, drinking too much fluid before bed or diuretics like tea, coffee, etc can also lead to this phenomenon.

If you are suffering from kidney disease and frequent urination at night, we are always here to help. Any thing unclear, you can leave us a or consult with our professional online doctor directly. Good luck!

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