Why Fatigue Appears In People with ESRD


Why Fatigue Appears In People with ESRDFatigue describes a lack of energy. Fatigue or weakness occurs as one suffers from ESRD (End-stage Renal Disease) or ESRF (End-stage Renal Failure). It is one of the most common symptoms of Renal Failure and of course, greatly affects one’s quality of life.

Evidence-based statistics reveals that 90% of ESRD patients report different degrees of fatigue. The severity of fatigue varies according to the degree of the disease. For most of the patients with End-stage Renal Disease, their fatigue is serious enough to make day to day more difficult. Why would that happen? This is because healthy kidneys produce erythropoietin and then it signal information to the body to make red blood cells. When End-stage Renal Failure attacks, the damaged kidneys are often unable to produce sufficient erythropoietin leading to the reduced production of red blood cells. Low levels of red blood cells cause anemia. That explains why overwhelming fatigue occurs exclusively in people with the disease.

Obviously, the best way to relieve this annoying symptom is to build up the red blood cells. By increasing the count of blood cells, the fatigue can be greatly relieved. That’s why doctors often prescribe some medications aiming at helping produce the red blood cells by supplementing synthetic erythropoietin. On one hand, those medications do help a lot in alleviating the weakness; while on the other hand, they bring side-effects too, such as low blood pressure, headache, chest pain and muscle aches etc.

Other treatments for the fatigue include regain one’s kidney function and pursuit a healthy diet. The best as well as most effective way to say goodbye to fatigue is to maintain the kidney function and prevent further damage in the first place. By some featured therapies such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy, one can protect and regain their kidney function as much as possible. Following a kidney-friendly diet can keep the red blood cell count built up and relieve fatigue as much as possible. for more information on diagnosing ESRD and how to treat fatigue, please ask live support from our professionals.


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