Vitamin D and Vitamin C Is Associated with People on Dialysis

Vitamin D and Vitamin C Is Associated with People on DialysisAs is well-known, vitamin D deficiency not only causes rickets in children, but also osteomalacia in adults. What about vitamin C? Can the kidney disease patient or those on dialysis consume much? If you are looking for this, then this is the right article for you.

A wave of recent studies suggests that vitamin D may be associated with the increased death risk in people on dialysis, especially hemodialysis, while vitamin C does benefit too. However, excessive consumption of it raises more concern especially in people with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Vitamin D is used in treating secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients who developed chronic kidney disease. Compared with those with vitamin D sufficient patients, those with severe vitamin D deficiency had a 3.8-5.6 times increased risk. Normally speaking, vitamin D deficiency defines as the 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood (25(OH) D) level below 12.5ng/mL.

The most possible factor causing vitamin D deficiency include black people, female, winter and hypoproteinemia.

As for vitamin C, appropriate amount is good. But too much consumption leads to the graft failure especially in people who receive or plan to receive the kidney transplant. Evidence can be found. Excessive consumption of vitamin C induced Acute Renal Failure too. Consume it right, then we can benefit from it.

If one suffer from the vitamin D deficiency, then supplement it all by yourself is not recommended by us. People on dialysis often follow a strict diet so as to make the already damaged kidney work better and shake off unnecessary burden. However, to those have vitamin D deficiency, supplement the vitamin blindly is, obviously, not a wise choice. Because you never know what you eat is. Under such circumstances, talking with your dietitian or doctor about your concern or condition will be appropriate.

Similarly, to those who have some kind of vitamin C deficiency, consuming fresh fruits or vegetables is good only with the limited amount of vitamin C intake. Normally speaking, the amount should not exceed 100-200mg/day, it is especially important to those with Chronic Kidney Disease.

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