What Should You Know about Creatinine

What Should You Know about CreatinineWhat is creatinine and what are the influencing factors?

Creatinine is the metabolic product coming from muscles. It is produced from creatine, a component of muscle. Creatinine should be discharged by the kidneys exclusively explaining why one’s kidney function can be told by the creatinine levels. The amount of creatinine depends on one’s gender, age, race, diet and other conditions. Take this for example, an athlete produces more creatinine than normal people, and men are higher than women.

What is creatinine telling you?

The creatinine especially serum creatinine increases as one’s kidneys fail to function properly. Therefore, the level of serum creatinine is often used to determine the kidney function. One thing you need to know is a normal creatinine level doesn’t ensure you a normal kidney function. This is because, sometimes, the creatinine or even serum creatinine doesn’t sensitive enough to the damaged kidney function.

What if I take creatine, will my creatinine levels increase?

The answer is positive. Creatine is used as the energy source for muscle activity. Creatinine is produced as the metabolic products and should be removed from one’s kidneys exclusively. Diet is the major source of creatine. Therefore, the more creatine you consume, the higher the creatinine level is. If you consume more meat than you ever did, you creatinine levels may be a little bit higher than normal condition, which also explains how the diet affects one’s CRE level.

Why someone has an elevated creatinine levels?

Consistent high creatinine levels indicate kidney dysfunction, and need your serious attention.

What are Scr and creatinine ratio?

Scr is abbreviation of serum creatinine, and refers to the rate at which the kidneys filter creatinine out of the blood. Scr is also called GFR (glomerular filtration rate), it is another measure estimating your kidney function.

Compared with BUN (blood urea nitrogen), serum creatinine is much more sensitive. However, no matter BUN or CRE, they aren’t able to detect the very early damages of renal tubulus and glomeruli. Well, under such condition, our special tests stand out. Wanna realize? Chat with our on line customer service and get answers!

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