Why Patient with ESRD Suffer from Heart Failure

Why Patient with ESRD Suffer from Heart FailureHeart failure forms often in people with End-stage Renal Disease (ESRD). If ESRD patients experience fatigue and dizziness, you may have heart failure and you still know nothing about it. Why would that happen? And what are the causes of heart failure?

8 reasons explain the possible causes of heart failure in ESRD patients.

1. High blood pressure

Undoubtedly, high blood pressure contributes to heart failure or other heart disease induced by ESRD. It damages the heart health even in people without any kind of kidney disease.

2. Hardening of the arteries

This is the most frequent cause of heart failure. The disease starts with fat deposit in the arteries and then plaques is forming, which blocks the small arteries causing hardening of the arteries. People with ESRD experience a higher risk of suffering from heart failure.

Other reasons include:

3. Excessive blood volume

4. Influence of uremic toxins

5. Renal anemia

6. Imbalance of electrolytes and acidosis

7. Dialysis arteriovenous fistula

8. Atherosclerosis

Since we have known the close relationship between ESRD and heart failure, what should do to prevent the happening?

Try to lower the high blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is 130/85. As hypertension is one of the most important factors involving in the heart failure treatment, lowering the high levels of blood pressure is the right as well as effective move. Another suggestion for those with decreased kidney function and proteinuria, they may benefit from an even lower blood pressure of 125/75mmHg. Conversely, the reduced blood pressure may contribute to slow down the progression of kidney disease.

Detailed strategies include: follow a low salt diet, stay away from smoking, exercising more, decrease the amount of alcohol your drink, keep an eye open if you have a family history such as diabetes mellitus, take regular physical check, monitor your blood sugar regularly, lose weight and take medications.

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