Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice for FSGS Patients

News coverage from ABC news in April 2012 reported that a transplanted kidney rejecting by the first receptor was re-implanted into another receptor. There do stand a chance that the new kidney one received gets a chance to malfunction in the receptor’s body. It reminds some Renal Failure patients to prepare themselves.

According to the data from NKF, the number of Renal Failure patients increases insanely in recent years. No less than 92,000 Americans are on the waiting list for a new kidney, and nearly 3,000 new recipients are placed on the waiting list each month. Well, the list goes on and on.

In this very case, the brother, a receptor who received his own sister’s kidney and then serious rejection appears. The patient had FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis), which is a rather rare kidney disease characterized by buildup of scar tissue on the kidneys. FSGS affects the filtering system in human body called glomeruli and thus prevents the dangerous levels of fluids and chemicals from being removed by the kidneys. The disease progresses rapidly and is responsible for the increasing new cases of deaths. It can develop to End-stage Renal Failure and require dialysis or kidney transplant just as the brother aforementioned.

From this very report, one may reconsider the kidney transplant surgery, because same thing would happen to any of the kidney recipient. Even after waiting for a new kidney for years, there still stands a chance that your new kidney won’t work. What’s the consequence of this? And what’s the point for years’ waiting?

Consequence is you have to count on dialysis all over again. You have to admit the fact that you can hate dialysis, or tired of it, but you have to admit that you can’t live without it. Years of waiting for a failed kidney? there’s no point at all!

This article is for those who still on the waiting list and still sustain their lives by dialysis, I sincerely suggest you to give other therapies a shot. You won’t lose anything for a try; quite the opposite, you probably can gain things beyond your expectation.

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