Why Patients with Kidney Disease Should Avoid Flu

Flu is common; people with healthy immunity can recovery around one week. But for those with Kidney Disease, flu should be paid serious attention to avoid. Why? Because it is able to aggravate or triggers Kidney Disease.

Flu induced Acute Nephritis

Acute Nephritis can be caused by streptococcal infections or non- streptococcal infections. Acute Nephritis induced by streptococcal infection occurs normally in winter and spring, while the later one can be caused by many viruses and germs.

Typical symptoms of the disease present as swelling, blood in urine, high blood pressure, sometimes along with protein in urine. Chronic renal insufficiency and hypertensive brain disease may complicate with the disease in serious condition. Therefore, when one suffers from flu and occurs with edema and hematuria, Acute Nephritis can be the culprits.

Flu is also associated with Chronic Nephritis

Chronic Nephritis may be triggered by viruses, germs and other infections causing the immune mechanism damage or non-immune mechanism injury. In some cases, the chronic derives from acute one.

People with Chronic Nephritis suffer from flu or upper respiratory tract infection is prone to experience immune reaction and damage the kidneys again and again. Renal impairment happens as the sclerosis of nephrons increases to a certain number. This is especially true in people with lupus. People with lupus experience a more serious immune reaction and aggravate the illness condition rapidly.

After knowing so many harms coming from flu, what should those with Kidney Disease do to prevent the flu?

Just as healthy people, people with Kidney Disease should also focus on avoiding getting cold, do some exercises and strengthen one’s physical condition. Other measures are pay attention to your oral hygiene, take medications to combat the flu which are anything but renal toxic drugs.

Those can’t be enough, for other measures which could prevent flu, you can share with us. Or if you still get confusions or questions, do ask our doctor on line for FREE help!


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