Does Blood in Urine Indicate Kidney Tumor

Does Blood in Urine Indicate Kidney TumorBlood in urine is a common symptom of kidney tumor, so, does blood in urine indicate kidney tumor? Next, we will explain to you detailedly.

Kidney tumor, also known as renal tumor, on or in the kidneys. These tumors can be benign or malignant, and may be discovered on medical imaging incidentally, or they may be present in patients as an abdominal mass. In the early stage, patients will experience blood in urine easily. So, what is blood in urine? How does it occur? Blood in urine, as its name implies, it refers to there are red blood cells in urine, usually, it looks pink, or even red.

In normal case, glomeruli can filter wastes from the blood, such as, creatinine, and meanwhile, it can reserve useful substances in blood, such as, red blood cells. However, once kidneys are damaged, or there is inflammation in kidneys, massive red blood cells will leak into urine, that is blood in urine.

So, does blood in urine indicate kidney tumor? Although blood in urine is the symptom of kidney tumor, however, blood in urine does not indicate kidney tumor. If you happen to be troubled by the sign, and want to get a clear answer, go to hospital to get a careful diagnosis. Or you can send your test report to, our kidney experts will help you.

However, even if you have blood in urine with kidney tumor, remember you are not alone with the disease. In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, our personalized therapy Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help you decrease pain and improve the quality of life. The method is used externally, all the medicine can be penetrated into kidney lesions with the aid of osmosis device. After several courses, the tumor can be shrink gradually. Once tumors are shrink, blood in urine can be relieved.

After the above analysis, do you get a clear answer about whether blood in urine indicates kidney tumor. Leave a message below, we will reply you within 48hrs.


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