What are the Symptoms of Kidney Tumor

What are the Symptoms of Kidney TumorA kidney tumor refer to an abnormal growth of cells within the kidneys. It can be classified into two categories, both benign and malignant. Then what symptoms will kidney tumor patients present?

In the early stage, they usually do not cause any symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, the following symptoms may occur finally:

Back pain or side pain Compression, stretching of structures around the kidney, etc may cause pain in the flank or back area. The degree of pain can be mild or severe, and dull pain, colic pain can be very common. In some cases, this sign may spread to the abdominal region.

Blood in Urine Blood in urine, also known as hematuria. Generally speaking, the occurrence of this symptom is always why patients seek for medical help. And the characteristics can be intermittent, painless, whole course gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria.

Besides, other factors can also lead to this abnormal sign. If you are not clear about the root causes, our online service can be a good choice for you.

Fatigue Sometimes, patients with this disease may feel tired, and they usually do not have the strength to participate in the physical activities, etc.

Lump When the tumor grows too big, you may feel something hard when you press the waist abdomen area.

Other Changes It is reported that approximately 20% patients will experience paraneoplastic syndromes, and the discomforts can be fever, weight loss, anemia, high blood pressure, etc.

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