Kidney Tumor Diet

  • Can I Eat Onion If I Have Kidney Tumor

    Kidney tumor, as its name replies, it refers to there is tumor in kidneys. So, can i eat onion if i have kidney tumor? Onion is a nutrient-rich vegetable, it contains many nutrients, such as, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, phosphorus...Read More

  • What are the Dietary Principles for Kidney Tumor Patients

    Kidney tumor refers to cells overgrow with kidneys. A reasonable diet plan can improve the prognosis of disorder. Then, what are the dietary principles for kidney tumor? Low protein Too much protein can increase the burden of failed kidneys...Read More

  • Diet for People with Kidney Tumor

    Actually speaking, the exact cause of kidney tumor is still unclear. Here, we will talk about two topics, the effects of diet on kidney tumor and dietary principle for people with this disorder. ...Read More

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