How to Prevent The Drug-induced Renal Injury

How to Prevent The Drug-induced Renal InjuryBecause of the wrong ways of taking medicines, some people will suffer from renal injury. So patients should prevent the renal injury timely when they are taking drugs. There are some tips for you:

1. Patients must take some medicines under the directions of doctors, avoiding drug abuse, especially for the antibiotic and nalgesic-antipyretic.

2. The old and child should take medicines according to their age and weight, and the renal insufficient patients should decrease the drugs dosage according to the kidney injury degree.

3. During the period of taking medicine, patients should drink much water to promote the medicines metabolism and excretion.

4. When patients have no choice but to take the drugs that are easy to cause renal injury, they should avoid using the drugs and diuretic at the same time, preventing the insufficient circulating blood volume which can increase renal injury.

5. During the period of taking medicines, patients should test the urine and kidney function regularly. If you suffer from urine disorder, edema, high blood pressure and other symptoms, you should stop using the medicines immediately and see a doctor.

6. In addition, liver has the function of cleaning toxins, so patients should have less liquor and tobacco and keep their tempers for all of them are bad to the liver.

If your kidney has been damaged, maybe you can have a try of our Traditional Chinese Medicines which includes a lot of external application medicines, so it can clean the toxins naturally without side effect.

Whether you have caught kidney disease or not and no matter what stage your diseases are in? You should pay more attention to these medicines for they can cause further damage to the kidney. And we really hope that what we mentioned can help you a lot in preventing the drug-induced renal injury. And if you want to know more about kidney disease information, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will solve your questions within 24 hours.


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