Kidney Infection: Definition, Symptoms And Nursing

Kidney infection deserve the attention of patients, without the timely and effective treatment, it can develop into kidney damage. In addition, kidney infection also can pollute the blood. every one suffer the risk of being attacked by kidney infection, here would introduce you the

basic informations of kidney infections such as definition, symptoms and nursing plan, and we really hope people are have a good prevention and treatment.


when the germs enter into human body, with the blood circulation, the germs can be diffused into kidneys, leading to kidney infections which show as congestion, edema, inflammation and injured tissues structure and lesion. Moreover, kidney infection can be divided into chronic infection and acute infection. Once kidney infections develop into Chronic Kidney Disease, patients would suffer a lot.


Constant pain. The pain begin at upper of back, diffusing into bottom of the back.

Fever. Patients may suffer the sudden high fever that can reach 38℃.

Frequent urination. Even if the bladder is empty, patients still want to urination frequently.

Urine change. The urine color is turbid, and sometimes, there are blood in urine.

Nausea and vomiting. patients would suffer the serious nausea and vomiting.

All in all, even if there is only one symptom that sign kidney infections, you should see a doctor quickly; in addition, disease which can lead to kidney infections or sign kidney damage also need your attention such as kidney stones, bladder or kidney tuberculosis and cystitis or prostatitis, the timely treatment is necessary.

Nursing plan.

1. Patients should eat light foods with nutrition, in addition, much water intake also be proved.

2.Patients should have a good rest, keep the enough sleep and keep the personal health.

3.Patients also should has the close observation about their physical change, if they suffer from high fever, the physical cooling such as ice compress, alcohol wipe bath are recommended.

4.Take medicines to resist germs under the suggestions of their doctors.

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