The Dos and Don'ts for People with One Kidney

The Dos and Don'ts for People with One KidneyEvery kidney has about one million of nephrons. According to the researches, there are only one tenth of nephrons working and rest of the nine tenth are in the state of taking turns to rest. So generally speaking, even people only have one kidney, they can live a normal life for the one kidney is enough to sustaining the normal excreting function and secreting function. This is why kidney transplant patients can live a healthy life like common people. But people with one kidney should protect their kidney more seriously, for once their kidney is damaged, patients are more easily attacked by renal insufficient. Then what is the dos and don’ts for one kidney people in their daily life.

1. Avoid nephrotoxic drugs: people should take medicine under the suggestions of their doctors, avoiding nephrotoxic drugs such as antibiotic, analgesic, some contrast agents and some Chinese herbs and so on.

2. Prevent bacterial infection: patients should prevent the streptococcus infection especially, then avoid upper respiratory infection, and prevent the scarlet fever, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, dental caries, and otitis media and so on. In addition, people should keep the skin clear, preventing pyogenic infection.

3. Control the disease which can lead to kidney damage: patients should should prevent the high blood pressure, diabetes, urinary system infection and kidney stone which all can lead to kidney damage.

4. Keep a healthy lifestyle: avoid the harms coming from wind, cold or wet, avoid overwork and have a good rest, keep a positive attitude, make a scientific diet plan which includes eating digestive foods, no seafood, beef, lamb, stimulate foods and so on. No alcohol, tobacco and stimulated foods such as coffee, chocolate and so on.

5. Exercise more: one kidney people also should have proper excercise to boost their immunity.

6. Regular tests: people had better have the regular urine tests and ultrasound test, so that they can have a timely discovery, prevention and treatment.

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