Kidney Disease Patients: Suggestions of Phosphorus Foods

Kidney Disease Patients: Suggestions of Phosphorus FoodsFollowing a renal diet is especially crucial for people with Renal Failure or some other Kidney Disease. This is because the already damaged kidneys couldn’t function properly, following a kidney-friendly diet could help reduce the heavy burden of your kidneys. Watching what you eat and drink greatly helps you and your impaired kidneys stay away from life-threatening risks and stay healthier.

Generally speaking, following a kidney-friendly diet focuses on limiting the intake of phosphorus, potassium, sodium, protein and fluid. Today I will focus on the phosphorus intake. How much should people with kidney disease take? And what exactly should they consume in my daily lives?

The kidneys are responsible for regulating and filtering the phosphorus in one’s blood. So if one has impaired kidney function, his phosphorus levels would elevate accordingly. High levels of phosphorus account for low levels of the calcium and results in bone disease, itchy skin and thyroid problems etc.

So, what are the foods low in this phosphorus?

Choose rice milk instead of milk, pudding or yogurt, cream cheese instead of hard cheese; white bread, crackers, cereals, rice and pasta, green beans, wax beans, winter squash, cabbage, beets, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, onions, fish and lean, all those are good for your kidneys.

800-1,000mg per day is the upper limit for those with Kidney Disease, but for healthy people, they can eat double amount. You should always remember that almost every food contains this matter, and it is pretty hard for you to eliminate it from what you eat. In addition, different people with different kidney damage share different amount of phosphorus consuming. That’s why asking help from your dietitian or our on live support is important. Always remember that professional is the best. Have a nice day!


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