What is Correct Medication to Recover Fully in Hypertension and Creatinine 3.01

What is Correct Medication to Recover Fully in Hypertension and Creatinine 3.01Generally speaking, RAAS, ARB and hypertensive drugs will be applied in the kidney problem for the hypertension and creatinine 3.01. But in fact, these medicines can not lower the creatinine level and stop the kidney damage. While, what is correct medication to recover fully in hypertension and creatinine 3.01?

What is the pathogenesis of hypertension and creatinine 3.01?

Hypertension can by caused by many rise, like the blood vessel damage, remained water and salt in the blood vessels, etc, resulting in kidney damage, heart damage and other diseases. To be honest, the normal blood pressure benefit for the protection of kidneys.

Creatinine 3.01 stands for the third stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD) which can be induced by infection, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and other issues. In this case, extra and unwanted things will be deposited in the body as the kidneys can not operation well to excrete them, later, the blood pressure will be increased.

And then, should we treatment hypertension first or creatinine 3.01?

I do believe the patients can take a comprehensive treatment to lower the blood pressure as well as repair the diseased kidneys as as to lower the creatinine 3.01.

For an example, Toxin-Removing Therapy has been proven great effects on treating kidney disease patients. During the whole treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be adopted for dilating the blood pressure and repairing the diseased renal cells, Foot Bath Therapy is supplied to promote the detoxification, Moxibustion Therapy at the aim of strengthening immunity and resuming the balance of inner environment, etc. Also these treatments make use of the herbs from nature orally and externally, so that, you do not need to worry about their side effects.

With the renewal of kidneys, the blood pressure will be controlled better, the creatinine 3.01 will be diminished naturally, and the patients can live a high quality life.

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