Creatinine 436 and Hypertension Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Still Helpful

Creatinine 436 and Hypertension Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Still HelpfulCreatinine 436 stands for the middle stage of kidney disease, in which the patients will have so much toxins remained in the patients and suffer from edema, proteinuria, hematuria and other complications. While, is Chinese herbal medicine still helpful for patients with creatinine 436 and hypertension?

Chinese herbal medicine is a natural way to solve the problem from the root causes. For kidney disease patients with high serum creatinine level, Chinese herbal medicine can help to control the symptoms as well as repair the diseased kidneys.

To be honest, the patients with creatinine 436 and hypertension can make the blood pressure and creatinine level low and maintain the illness condition as much as possible. Through it can not lead to a completely cure, the patients can enjoy their daily life and avoid further dialysis. That is to say, Chinese herbal medicine is very beneficial for the patients with creatinine 436 and hypertension.

For a better therapeutic effect, the patients need to manage the blood pressure well and insist the salutary lifestyles (including right food, moderate exercise, positive life attitude, healthy live habits, etc). If you have any puzzles about these, welcome to chat with Online Doctor for free guidance.

Back to the treatments, the patients must adopt the treatments selected up in the term of their illness conditions. While, the combined treatments of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Acupuncture, Foot Bath Therapy and other Chinese herbal medicines will treat the patients better.

With the recovery of kidneys, the creatinine 436 will be dropped down, the hypertension can be commanded better, also further dialysis or transplant are avoided.

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