Is There Any Natural Measure to Maintain Hypertensive Nephropathy

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In the situation of high blood pressure, the blood vessels will be injured bit by bit due to the strong stress from the flowing blood, and the abnormal-fluctuating blood pressure will lead to more damage. Meanwhile, the vessels in the kidney will also be damaged. In this case, the kidneys will be in lack of blood and oxygen, and some glomerular lost their function to filter the blood entirely. As time goes by, the kidney function will be less and less. It is called hypertensive nephropathy.

With the decline of kidney function, the patients will have edema, protein leakage, blood urine or even risk of lifetime. If you do not want to face the dialysis or transplant, you need to grasp time to receive the natural measures so as to repair the disease kidneys.

Here I will list a natural measure - Full Bath Therapy as an example.

It is to bath the whole body with the medical soup, such as taking a bath. In the warm water, the skin will be able to accept the active substances of the medicines. And later, these active substances will enter the body to take away toxins, dilate the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation and promote the recovery of kidneys. By this way, the blood pressure will be lowered at some points and the patients can keep a high quality life. For hypertensive nephropathy patients, they must take the full bath therapy under the guidance of the doctor.

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