Can High Blood Pressure Cause Foamy Urine for Patient

Can High Blood Pressure Cause Foamy Urine for Patient

Can high blood pressure cause foamy urine? To be honest, foamy urine may appear due to protein leakage in urine. Large amount of protein will be filtered by the glomerulus in kidneys. But when glomeruli are damaged, too much protein will leak out with urine, leading to foamy urine.

How does high blood pressure cause foamy urine on earth?

Generally speaking, under the normal condition, healthy urine shows light yellow transparent liquid that there is less foam in urine due to low surface tension. But, due to disease or other reasons, materials in urine will change and make urine surface tension increases, so that increase foam in urine.

High blood pressure is the leading factor of kidney disease or kidney failure. Long term hypertension may cause kidney damage, such as blood vessels and glomerulus. When glomeruli are damaged, they can not keep protein effectively anymore. Large amount of protein will discharge from the body with urine, so that foamy urine appears.

Symptoms and treatment for controlling high blood pressure:

It is because that protein gets away from human body so that blood lacks too much necessary fluid, swelling in feet, hands and abdomen may appear. These are the signs of too much protein loss, at the same time high blood pressure aggravates. Therefore, timely treatment is essential to control high blood pressure and repair damaged kidneys.

Patients with high blood pressure should monitor the blood pressure always and control it well in the normal range. ACEI or ARBs medicines can help you control blood pressure well. But it can not repair damaged kidney tissues at all. Medicated Bath in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital can help you achieve the goal, which based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Reasonable diet also can help you control blood pressure, such as limit salt and protein intake.

Here are the reason, symptom and treatment for foamy urine with high blood pressure. If you want to know more details about the natural treatment, welcome to contact our online doctor, or send us email to with your phone number or WhatsApp/Viber so as to communicate with you directly and timely.

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