How to Reduce Creatinine Level of Hypertensive Nephropathy without Dialysis

There are many kinds of kidney disease, hypertensive nephropathy is one common of kidney disease. High creatinine is one symptom of hypertensive nephropathy. If the illness develops into end stage of kidney disease, the patients have to do dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function.

Though dialysis is important for patients to sustain their life, it just for symptoms relieving but root of disease, what’s more, dialysis has many side effects which make patients feel nausea, vomit, feeble, they have no power to do what they want, their rest of life have to rely on a dialysis machine and others’ help unless they have plan to do renal transplantation which also need appropriate renal source.

Nowadays, many patients choose Chinese medicines which work on root on root of disease to reduce their misery. Many medical experts apply them into treatment and a lot of foreign patients come to China to try the authentic treatment with Chinese medicines. They are popular because they cure disease in a natural any healthy way without irritation or side effects for human body.

Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease uses the method which combines Chinese herbal medicines and western medicines with main treatment of Chinese herbal medicines to research kidney disease. We have our own characteristic therapies.

Take an example. Fumigation and Steaming Therapy. The function of Fumigation and Steaming Therapy is expanding micro vessel of skin to accelerate blood circulation, resolving blocked blood vessel, the purpose of this therapy is clearing and activating the channels and collaterals. It bases on physiological character of human skin to use heating effect of fumigation and character of medicinal herb’s meridian tropism for penetrating medicine steam into body circulation system by meridian’ absorption. In this way, this therapy can implement dredging meridian, activating blood and removing stasis, eliminating toxic substances in blood.

Our therapeutic effect are appraised by many foreign patients, if you want to know more, you can contact us by email: with your phone number or WhatsApp/Viber for convenient communication.


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