What Should I Do If I Have Proteinuria With Hypertensive Nephropathy

What Should I Do If I Have Proteinuria With Hypertensive NephropathyHypertensive nephropathy is a troublesome kidney disorder, one of the most common symptoms is proteinuria. So, what should i do if i have protein in urine with the disease?

Hypertensive nephropathy is a common kidney disease that is caused by high blood pressure. Generally, the disease occurs in patients who are over the age of 40 and have hypertension for 5-10 years. In the early stage, there is no obvious symptom. With the time, patients begin to experience frequent urination during the night.

Gradually, patients will present protein in urine. If no effective method is applied, the disease will develop into renal failure, in that case, the life is threated and the quality of life will decline. If you happen to have long-term high blood pressure and begin to appear frequent urination during the night, you should better go to hospital immediately to get a clear check up. Then, you can send your test report to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will analyze your illness condition and give you a specific diagnosis.

So, what should i do if i have proteinuria with the disease?

Medicated bath is an effective method that can relieve proteinuria by improving kidney function. The medicated bath liquid is abstracted from dozens kinds of traditional herbs, so, it is safe, can not cause any side effect to your body. Traditional herbs have been used for thousands of years, it is proved effective, convenient and painless. During the course, patients can receive a medicated bath at home for 30-45 minutes every time.

After several courses, the physical condition can be improved greatly, some obvious changs can be seen. Such as, blood in urine can be relieved, proteinuria can be decreased.

If you are interested in the therapy, leave a message below, remember you are not alone with proteinuria in hypertensive nephropathy, we are always here to help you. Good luck!


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