Can obesity cause hypertensive nephropathy

With the development of our life standard, more and more people suffer from CVD. Especially among the adults. According to the research, there are many obese children suffering from high blood pressure. With each increase of 7.5kg weight, the Diastolic blood pressure will rise by 4mmHg. Then can obesity cause hypertensive nephropathy?

Obesity is the hotbed of high blood pressure. It is the CHD and Coronary atherosclerosis that cause Luminal stenosis, thus insufficient blood stream entering myocardium, causing stenocardia. If the Branch artery of coronary artery are totally blocked, the myocardium controlled by it will become Necrosis because of ischemia, then the fatal MI burst out.

Then how to avoid hypertensive nephropathy?

1.follow a proper diet habit and adjust dietary structure. Thus control the weight. Avoid Fried food such as hamburger, fried chicken. Eat a lot of brown rice, Cereal and noodles as well as fruits and vegetables that contains much dietary fiber.

2. Do enough exercise. The children spend most of their time study which will lead to hypomotility. And this is not good for growing up. do exercise for one hour everyday can enhance the ability of breath and promote the Cardiovascular, alleviate spirit tension, consume the calorie. In addition, exercise can also increase the bone density, improve the immunity.

3.Enough sleep. Take a proper arrangement of timetable. Do not stay up too frequently, make sure of enough rest. What’s more, avoid smoking and alcohol.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important. However, once suffered from hypertensive nephropathy, the effective treatments plays the most significant roles. Recently, TCM therapy is popular among

hypertensive nephropathy patients. The seven TCM stereoscopic therapies include: cycle therapy, hot compress therapy, foot bath therapy, full bath therapy, enema therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, moxibustion therapy. Each of seven therapies has its own advantages and forms the system by itself. Related and complemented to each other, they form an organic stereoscopic system of therapy.

now we can make sure that obesity can cause hypertensive nephropathy, and it is important to treat it. If you want more about how to avoid hypertensive nephropathy, you can leave a message below or email to We will reply you as soon as possible.

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