How to avoid kidney disease in summer

Summer is the season in which the kidney diseases occur frequently. Then why will this phenomenon appear and how to avoid kidney disease in summer? Now I will explain it to you.

According to the kidney disease expert, people are always willing to eat barbecue and drink beer. Thus will produce a lot of uric acid and urea nitrogen, add the burden in kidney. In addition, drinking too much beer will lead to Hyperuricemia. What’s more, causing kidney disease. In summer, because of the hot weather, people’s immunity decline, as a result we will suffer from common disease such as cold, diabetic and so on. While these illness all can cause kidney problems. We will perspire a lot in summer, if the body cannot get enough moisture supple, urine amount will decrease meanwhile the toxins and wastes in urine will increase, it is easy to arouse kidney stone and hydronephrosis. Moreover, stay up, high salt, work pressure, drinking too much strong tea and coffee will also lead to kidney diseases. If one who eats too salty will elevate the blood pressure, then the kidney blood cannot ensure normal flow, consequently leading to kidney problems.

Now we know the reasons of why it is easy to suffer from kidney disease in summer, so the measure to avoid it is of importance. Once people get kidney disease, the effective treatments are necessary. Usually most of the kidney diseases get in summer are acute, so if the patients received corresponding treatments, they can be reversed in a short time.

Patients of kidney disease all know that dialysis can ease their symptoms and lower the creatinine, but dialysis only cure the symptoms, not the disease. Long time dialysis will even aggravate the illness.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine but used external, we know that the if the kidney’s inherent cells being damaged, kidney appears fibrosis thus leading to kidney disease. So repair the damaged kidney is the basic to remedy the disease. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy can do achieve this goal well.

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