How Chinese Herbal Treatment Control Protein in urine and creatinine 2.4

How Chinese Herbal Treatment Control Protein in urine and creatinine 2.4Can you please explain in more detail what is Chinese herbal treatment? I am reception of two kidney transplants. My last straw one was in 2014. I was diagnosed last year of loosing protein in the urine. Once again I have the same issue my protein level in my urine is 1.7. Creatinine is 2.4.

Hello. I am a doctor of kidney disease hospital. You found out the protein in urine and elevated creatinine level again. But please do not worry, we can help you.

I do believe I do not need to underling the notices you should pay attention to in daily life as well as the analysis of your illness conditions. If you have any puzzles about them, please tell me in the next letter, I will give it to you.

Chinese herbal treatment is a category of natural treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture and others. Additionally, you must take the remedies depending on your condition completely. Or else, your conditions will be worsened quickly.

To be honest, these natural treatments are aimed at adjusting your recovery ability and immunity via activating blood, expelling blood clot, sweeping out toxins, releasing local anemia and anoxia, promoting the renovation of kidneys, etc. By this way, the diseased kidneys will be protected well and also treated directly. As a result, the creatinine level will be diminished and the proteinuria will be kept in negative. During the whole treatments, unique herbs adopted externally or orally in the treatments are all elected up from nature. Thereby, you do not need to worry about its side effects.

Hope these information can be helpful to you.

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