IgA Nephropathy: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments

IgA Nephropathy, a immune-system mediated disorder characterized by the deposition of immune complexes on the glomerular mesangial area. In this article, you can form a general idea about its symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.


People with IgA Nephropathy usually do not have obvious symptoms in the initial stage. However, with the progression of this autoimmune disorder, some of the the symptoms may occur.

●Blood in urine (both gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria, and it is often the fist reason why people seek for doctor’s help)

●Protein in urine. Similar to the above-mentioned symptom, proteinuria vary from mild to severe.

●Various pain, such as, flank pain, abdominal pain

●Edema This sign can be seen around the eyelids, ankles, lower limbs. Under certain circumstances, it may spread to the lung, brain or other parts of the body.

Besides, symptoms including high blood pressure, fatigue High blood pressure, etc may also occur.


When there is blood or protein in urine, IgAN may be suspected. Generally, tests including blood test, urinalysis, kidney function test, kidney biopsy, etc will be adopted to identify the degree of kidney damage.

At our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, experts also provide patients with some special tests, for instance, autoantibody tests, toxins in blood tests, kidney damage tests, complement in blood serum. If you have an interest, our free Online Doctor will always be here.


Normally, to help alleviate the symptoms like proteinuria, hematuria, etc, patients are usually prescribed with corticosteroids and immunosuppressants, even if the efficacy is obvious, cold, flu or infections may lead to it’s recurrence easily.

Here, a target therapy known as Immunotherapy is highly recommended. On the one hand, it can help correct the abnormal immune system. On the hand, active substances of the herbs can help repair the injured renal cells and improve kidney function. For more info, you can directly email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com and we will reply the answer timely.


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