How to Treat Constipation for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Constipation is really a bothersome sign of kidney disease. Constipation affects patients’ overall condition. The treatment for constipation with IgA Nephropathy attract much patients and doctors’ attention.

As a matter of fact, constipation may have no direct relation with IgA Nephropathy. But, the electrolyte disorder cased by IgA Nephropathy may be a contributor for constipation. IgA Nephropathy is a disease which causes IgA, a protein used to fight again various infections will deposit in the body. Excessive IgA protein will serious damage to the kidneys, as a result, the kidney begin to lose its function to eliminate all kinds of toxins and wastes products properly. And the deposition of the IgA protein makes the blood and protein leak into urine. Too much protein in urine makes patients experience swelling. To prevent more severe swelling, patients are not allowed to drink too much water. Besides, In order to reduce the workload of the kidneys, patients are not allowed eat the foods that are high in fiber, because they are high in potassium.

For now, patients should try their best to seek for a treatment which can treat IgA Nephropathy fundamentally, because IgA Nephropathy has high recurrence.

Immunotherapy is a treatment which is used for immune related disease. This treatment is include exact diagnose, immune blocking immune adjustment, immune clearance, immune protection. Through the six steps, the immune system can be regulated gradually, immunity can be improved naturally.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also proved for patients improving the comprehensive functions. With the improvement of kidney function, all of poisoning symptoms can be relived and patients’ comprehensive kidney function also can be improved. A specific treating plan will be made according to patients’ specific illness condition and the application of this treatment.

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