Hip Pain in IgA Kidney Disease: Cause and Treatment

Hip Pain in IgA Kidney Disease: Cause and TreatmentIgA Nephropathy is caused by the deposition of IgA, with the kidney function declining, patients suffer from many symptoms. Hip pain is the common symptom of kidney disease. And it really influence the normal movement of patients. The severe pain urges patients to know the cause and treatment.

The cause of hip pain in IgA Nephropathy:

With the water-electrolyte disorder, IgA Nephropathy patients always suffer the high blood phosphorus and low blood calcium level which stimulate the secretion of PTH. PTH would separate calcium out from the bones to support the blood calcium. In addition, kidneys also are responsibility on adjusting internal secretion. When people are attacked by IgA Nephropathy, the injured kidneys influence the release of vitamin D, which also influence the absorption of bone calcium. Rarefaction of bone is related with the hip pain.

The treatment of IgA Nephropathy with hip pain:

In daily life, patients can eat foods with rich calcium, however, foods with rich calcium usually contain rich phosphorus. So medicine treatment is vey important for patients, in addition, the supply of vitamin D also is important for patients. Of cause, the most important thing for IgA Nephropathy patients is reversing kidney functions.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the treatment based on Chinese herbal medicines. The medicine is applied on kidney regions. The active substances in medicines has function of expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing blood clots and cleaning the wastes in blood. With the pure and healthy blood perfusion in kidneys, the kidney damage can be blocked and the kidney function also can be improved.

With the kidney functions of balancing water-electrolyte, excreting wastes and secreting elements improving, the complications also can be remitted, so that hip pain in IgA Nephropathy also can be cured from root. Now if you want to know more information about kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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