Joint Pain in IgA Nephropathy with High Creatinine Level

Joint Pain in IgA Nephropathy with High Creatinine LevelIgA Neohropathy patients with high creatinine level would suffer many complications which involve all parts of human body. Symptom of joint pain is commonly seen in IgA Nephropathy with high creatinine level. Then what can IgA Nephropathy patients can do to remit their symptom?

Creatinine is the metabolism wastes of muscle which is supposed to be excreted out of by the kidneys. However, due to the low GFR caused by insufficient blood perfusion and ultra immune responses in kidneys, the creatinine can not be removed out effectively, leading the high serum creatinine level. In fact, not only the creatinine, there are many kinds of wastes retention in blood. Joint pain is related with the retention and deposition of uric acid, so lowering these kidney function indicators plays an important role for IgA Nephropahy patients to remit symptoms.

IgA Nephropathy patients who want to reduce the creatinine, uric acid, BUN and other wastes level have many treatment options which include:

1. Medicine treatment or dialysis. Generally speaking, patients can see a good effect in clinic. However, medicine and dialysis fail to reverse the kidney functions, so the stop use of these treatment can bring the high kidney function indictors levels again. In addition, the long time of use medicine and dialysis both can cause side effects to human body.

2. Traditional Chinese Treatment. It is Chinese herbal medicines-majored. And through many kinds of application medicine ways such as steaming, medical bath, foot bath, hot compress, oral decoction, acupuncture and so on, the active substances can enter into body and come into play effectively through stimulating the related acupoints. These therapies are famous for its functions of expending blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-freezing and degrading matrix .

With the smooth and healthy blood prfusion in kidneys, the damage can be blocked and kidney function also can be promoted. So that the high creatinine level and joint pain in IgA Nephropathy can be treated from root. Now if you want to know more information about our treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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