Bubbles in Urine Getting Worse for IgA Nephropathy

Bubbles in Urine Getting Worse for IgA NephropathyBubbles urine is caused by the release of protein which change the component of urine. With the tension change on the surface of urine, the bubbles occur when you urinate. IgA Nephropathy is the result of immune system disorder with the deposition of IgA which damage the innate renal cells, so the protein would be released out of body. But patients suffer the protein urine at different degree and some of them experience the worse and worse bubbles in urine, what can patients do to stop them?

The more and big bubbles in urine usually means the a lot of protein in urine. With the lose of protein, IgA Nephropathy patients would suffer the hypoproteinemia which really influence the nutrition supply and immune systems of human body; in addition, the releasing of protein can accumulate the speed of kidney fibrosis process. So for IgA nephropathy patients, controlling the protein urine is very important for them.

Healthy diet. Diet has a close relationship with the health of human body. For IgA Nephropathy patients with bubbles in urine, they should keep a low protein foods intake to reduce the protein urine and decrease the kidney metabolism burden. However, the low protein intake can cause the poor health of patients, so high quality protein is recommend, which would not cause damage to kidney tissues and can supply the nutrition for human body. The proper protein include fish, egg whites, milk, lean meats such kinds of animal protein, while, plant protein such as bean and bean products should be avoided.

Hormone medicines. Hormone can help lower the activity of protein to decrease the releasing of protein. Patients also can see a magic effect in clinic, but the use of hormone can lower the immunity of human body. The stop use of medicines also can bring protein urine back again with some reasons.

All in all, IgA Nephropathy patients with bubbles in urine who want to get rid of protein urine from root need try their best to block the kidney damages and reverse the kidney functions. Now if you want to know more treatment for IgA Nephropathy, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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