The Symptoms of High BUN in IgA Nephropathy

With the deposition of IgA in renal tissues, the ultra immune responses in kidneys cause the kidney functions decline. When the GFR is lowered, the wastes products can not be metabolized normally, staying in body and leading to series complications. This article will have a introduction about the symptoms and some treatment suggestions for IgA Nephropathy with high BUN.

The symptoms of IgA Nephropathy with high BUN:

1. The BUN can be permeated into gastrointestinal tract with the blood circulation, and when the urea are degraded into ammonia at the work of bacterial enzymes, the ammonia would cause damage to gastrointestinal, leading to nausea and vomiting.

2. In addition, along with the blood circulation, digestive tract and breath system, the ammonia can enter into mouth, this is why there are bad tastes in odor.

3. When the urea are excreted out of body with the sweat, patients would suffer the dry skin, leading to skin itching.

The treatment for IgA Nephropathy with high BUN:

Patients who want to get rid of these symptoms should try their best to reverse their kidney function, so that the BUN can be lowered from root. Micro-Chinese Chinese Osmotherapy is the special treatment in our hospital, basing on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The active substances in medicine has functions of expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and removing blood clots, with the accumulated blood circulation and increased blood perfusion, the deposition of IgA can be decreased and the GFR also can be improved. In addition, the active substances in medicine can absorb and crash the wastes in blood and these broken matters can be metabolized with the blood circulation, so that the kidney function indicators can be lowered, including the BUN.

With the improved kidney function, the BUN can be lowered from root, so that the symptoms also can cured from root. Now if you want to know more information about IgA Nephropathy treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail,com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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