IgA nephropathy: Why Do I Always Feel Cold

IgA nephropathy: Why Do I Always Feel ColdQ: I have been diagnosed with IgA nephropathy for almost one year. I take some medicines and keep the healthy lifestyle to control my symptoms well. However recently I always feel extremely cold, especially my hands and feet are always cold at night . I feel confused.

A: IgA nephropathy patients need a strict diet principle to protect their kidneys, so if patients are easy to suffer malnutrition. Little carbohydrate, protein and fat intake provide little caloric. So many people with IgA nephropathy often feel extremely cold. In addition, there are many toxins stayed in blood due to the injured kidney, which can lead to nerves damage and poor blood circulation. Without enough blood supporting heats, patients would suffer from cold.

How to manege to avoid extremely cold?

First, patients should make sure that you can have more calories from your diet. Patients can eat proper foods containing high protein such as fish, egg whites, lean meats, milk and so on which can support necessary amino acid to human body without increasing kidney metabolism burden. Patients also need keep enough heats intake to decrease the fat and protein metabolism which can heavier kidney work.

Second, the most important thing for IgA Nephropathy patients is improving their condition. In our hospital, stem cells therapy can treat kidney disease and symptoms at the same time.

When the stem cells are injected into the body, they will repair the tissues in kidneys. The stem cells will attract the phagocyte to swallow the damaged cells in order to make room for the growth of new cells. Then they will differentiate into various cells the meet the organs need. After the treatment, the new kidneys tissues can grow, reversing the kidney functions.

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