Dehydration in IgA Nephropathy: Cause and Treatment

Dehydration in IgA Nephropathy: Cause and TreatmentDo IgA Nephropathy patients also suffer from dehydration? Maybe you think IgA nephropathy patients who are easily experience edema would not dehydration, which is really a wrong idea. Dehydration can decrease blood perfusion, leading to insufficient blood and oxygen and high kidney function indicators including BUN and creatinine. The severe pains urge patients to know the cause and treatment for IgA Nephropathy with dehydration.

The cause dehydration in IgA Nephropathy:

1. IgA Nephropathy patients usually are recommended with low fluids intake to decrease kidney metabolism burden and remitting symptoms such as edema and high blood pressure, but the insufficient water supply can lead to dehydration.

2. IgA Nephropathy patients with high BUN are easy to suffer symptoms of diarrhea and emesis which also can lead to dehydration.

3. If the kidney damages involve kidney tubules, with the lose of concentration function, IgA Nephropathy patients would suffer a lot of diluted urine, leading to dehydration.

4. For IgA nephropathy with analysis, dehydration is related with water and electrolyte disorders.

The treatment for hehydration in IgA Nephropathy:

IgA Nephropathy patients should keep a scientific plan in drinking water according to their specific physical conditions. When patients feel thirsty, they had better have proper fluids intake. And if patients suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, the strict limitation of water also is not suitable. Of cause, the most important thing for IgA nephropathy patients is reversing the kidney function, decreasing the rate of being attacked by hehydration.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the hot compress therapy. The active substances in medicine has function of expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and removing blood clots, so that the blood can flow into kidney smoothly, decreasing the deposition of IgA and improving the GFR. So the medicine can stop the kidney damage and reverse kidney function at the same time. In addition, the medicine also can clean the toxins in blood and support nutrition to injured renal cells, blocking the kidney damages ways and restoring the kidneys system.

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