How to Treat Proteinuria Naturally in IgA Nephropathy

How to Treat Proteinuria Naturally in IgA NephropathyWith the deposition of IgA, the glomerulus also can be injured, with the lose of function of barrier and filtration, the protein would be released out with the urine. The long time leaking protein can lead to edema, poor immunity and further kidney damage, so IgA Nephropathy patients really need have a good control of their proteinuria.

Usually, patients would be recommended wit some hormones to reduce their proteinuria and patients also can get a good effect in clinic. The hormones can decrease the permeability of osmotic membranes to inhibit the protein leaking, however without solving the blood toxins problems, patients may be attacked by proteinuria again due to infections, allergy or other disorders. And the long time use of hormones is not recommended for it can decrease the immunity and increase the metabolism burden of kidney. IgA Nephropathy patients really need a natural and effective treatment to control the proteinuria.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the hot compress therapy. The medicine is applied on the kidney region, having a targeted treatment and avoiding the lose of medicines effect. The active substances in medicine have function of expending blood circulation, promoting blood circulation and dissolving blood clots, so that the hypoxic-ischemic state in kidneys can be remitted, the deposition of IgA would decrease and the kidney damage also can be stopped. In addition, the active substances in medicine also can absorb and crash the wastes, then activate the phagocyte to swollen these broken matters, blocking the ultra immune responses ways.

Moreover, the medicine contains nutrition which can repair the injured renal cells, restoring the kidney functions. The treatment purpose is making sure the blood circulation is smooth and pure, so that the kidney damage can be stopped and kidney function also can be promoted.

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