Colorless Bubbling Urine in IgA Nephropathy: Cause and Treatment

Colorless bubbling urine in IgA Nephropathy: Cause and TreatmentUrine is the wastes which is metabolized by the kidney, so the urine often is regarded as one sign to show the kidney function. What dose colorless bubbling urine mean in IgA Nephropathy? This article will have a simple introduction about the cause and treatment for patients.

The cause of colorless bubbling urine in IgA Nephropathy:

IgA Nephropathy is caused by the deposition of IgA in glomerulus, the ultra immune responses lead to damage to the innate renal cells. With the lose of barrier and filtration function and poor blood perfusion, some metabolism wastes can not be excreted effectively and the protein can be released out with the urine. With the change of urine components, IgA Nephropathy patients would suffer from colorless bubbling urine.

The treatment for colorless bubbling urine in IgA nephropathy:

The key for reduce the colorless bubbling urine is reversing the kidney function and restore the kidney system. Hormone medicine fail to eliminate the symptoms from root for it only inhibit the symptom through decrease the permeability of basement membrane and fail to block the kidney damage ways. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy help you solve this problem.

The active substances in medicine can expend the blood vessels, promote blood circulation and remove blood clots. With the accelerated and increased blood perfusion, the deposition of IgA can be decreased and the GFR also can be promoted. In addition, the active substances in medicine also can absorb and crash the wastes, then activate the phagocyte to swollen the broken matters, blocking the ultra immune responses and formation of blood clots. With the smooth and pure blood circulation in kidneys, the kidney damage can be stopped and injured cells can be repaired

Only when the kidney function is reversed, IgA nephropathy patients can get rid of colorless bubbling urine from root. And now if you want to know more about the cause and treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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