Pee Color Changes in IgA nephropathy

Pee Color Changes in IgA nephropathyUrine is the metabolism of kidney, so the pee color can react the kidney function directly. The pee color of normal people is faint yellow . But once people are attacked by IgA Nephropathy, the pee colors would change. Here will have a simple introduction about the pee color change, patients should pay more attention to their urination in case of further kidney damage.

1. Achromaturia. With the low GFR, many wastes are failed to be excreted out with the urine. With the decrease the urine components, the urine color would be light and colourless.

2. Deep yellow. IgA Nephropathy patients suffering from fever, less fluids intake, nausea and vomiting may experienced deep yellow due to the dehydration which can cause high concentration of urine.

3. Red urine. It is related with blood urine. When the glomerulus are injured, with the barrier and filtration function decline, the red blood cells would be released out with the urine, leading to red urine.

4. Brownish black. It is commonly seen in urinary tract bleeding, and patients with kidney stone, kidney failure, acute renal nephritis may suffer that.

Usually, specialist can diagnose the physical conditions change of IgA Nephropathy patients according to the productive process of urine and urine content. All in all, the pee color is a sign of kidney function, once there are some disorders when IgA Nephropathy patients urinate, they had better have a clear checkup and timely treatment.

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