Symptoms and Treatment for IgA Nephropathy in Children

Symptoms and Treatment for IgA Nephropathy in ChildrenIgA Nephropahty can attack people in all ages. For the children with IgA Nephropahty, they usually suffer a lot. They are so young that they deserved a healthy life. So parents should take care of their children carefully. Today, we will introduce you some symptoms of IgA Nephropahty, once your children suffer these, you should have a timely treatment for them.

The common symptoms of IgA Nephropahty in children

Blood urine: when the kidney are damaged, its barrier function would be lost. So there are red blood cells leaking into urine, causing blood urine.

Foamy urine: it is caused by the proteins in urine. The proteins are leaked into the urine due to the decline of kidney filter function.

Skin inching: it is the common symptom of children with IgA Nephropathy. It is caused by the deposition of IgA in skin.

Edema in hands and feet: a lot of proteins are lost, which also means the locking water functions of human body are lost, and the kidney fail to excrete the extra water and sodium out of body, causing retention. Both of them are the main reasons for edema.

Hypertension: water and sodium retention and the kidney hypoxic-ischemic both can lead to high blood pressure.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for IgA Nephropahy

IgA Nephropathy is a kind of immune system disorder disease. There are many IgA deposition in blood, when the blood flow into kidney, IgA will cause a series response in kidney, leading to kidney damage. According to this, our hospital treating kidney disease mainly clean the depositions in blood.

The most common medicines we used include the Maikang composition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Chinese herb oral medicine and foot bath medicine. These medicines supplement each other and work together to promote blood circulation to dissolve the blood stasis which is caused by the deposition toxin. At the same time, they can expend the blood vessels, so the toxins can be excreted with the blood circulation metabolism. When the fresh and enough blood flow into kidney contently, the kidney damage will stop and the injured kidney cells can be repaired.

Parents should pay more attention to their children with IgA Nephropathy, when they suffer these symptoms, a timely treatment is very necessary for them. And if you want to know more information about kidney disease or our treatment, contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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