Can Kidney Function Be Improved If I Have IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is considered as a benign form of glomerulonephritis, eventually, it will cause kidney function declines. So, can renal function be improved if i have IgA nephropathy?

In normal case, healthy kidneys can produce urine, discharge wastes, toxin, extra substances out of the body. And meanwhile, kidneys can also control the balance of calcium and phosphorus element. In addition, kidneys have the function of regulating blood pressure. So, in IgA nephropathy, once kidney function declines, patients will present a set of severe signs and complications, such as, high blood pressure, proteinuria, blood in urine, high creatinine level, itchy skin, etc.

So, can kidney function be improved?

Nowadays, the common treatments may aim at relieving the signs and controlling corresponding complications. In fact, patients really can see some obvious physical changes. However, once treatment is stopped, the signs will relapse, and the illness condition will become more severe.

Luckily, in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, we can improve renal function from the root. Our characterized therapy Medicated Bath is an innovation of traditional herbs. The medicated bath liquid is abstracted from various kinds of herbs, since traditional herbs have been used for thousands of years, it is proved effective, safe and no side effects. In this treatment, patients can have a whole body bath or foot bath.

After the bath, patients will have hot sweat, which indicates the blood circulation has been improved. After several courses, the toxin can be discharged out of the body and some obvious signs can be relieved, such as, blood in urine is relieved. For more details of the therapy? Send an email to, we will provide more information for you.

Except for the above methods, there are still many effective methods that can improve renal function. If you want to learn more methods or you still have questions about whether can kidney function be improved with IgA nephropathy? Leave a message below, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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