A Natural Remedy for IgA Nephropathy

A Natural Remedy for Iga Nephropathy imageIgA Nephropathy, also known as Berger's disease, refers to an autoimmune disorder characterized by IgA deposited in the mesangial area of the kidneys. If not controlled well, it may progress into kidney failure eventually. Then is there a natural remedy for this disease?

In general, doctors will prescribe patients some corticosteroids to suppress the inflammatory response and alleviate the relevant symptom. However, long-term use of these medications are more likely to cause adverse effects. More importantly, the drugs can do nothing to the damaged kidneys.

At our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, experts recommend patients with a natural remedy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Before receiving this treatment, patients are suggested to make an accurate diagnosis. After the tests, doctors will help choose beneficial herbs. Then, with the help of osmosis device, the shattered herbs will be penetrated into kidney lesion directly. What’s more, it is convenient, comfortable and without side effects. If you are interested in the herbs, please send us your medical report:kidneyfight@hotmail.com. After careful study, we will provide you better suggestions.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy help treat IgAN?

1. By anti-inflammation, the active substances of the herbs can help suppress the inflammatory response in the kidneys effectively.

2. By dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and providing nutrient substances for the damaged kidneys, the immune dysfunction can be corrected to a large degree. Therefore, the levels of IgA will be controlled at a normal range.

Besides, the cost of this therapy is relatively moderate. And it is based on patient’s illness condition. If you are interested in this, you can turn to our doctors for help. After this, we will provide you with the specific tests and an individualized treatment plan.

If you happen to be a person with IgA Nephropathy and have interests in this topic, we are always here to help. Anything unclear, you can leave us message below. Good luck!


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